PluginLayouts via the Android-Market

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PluginLayouts via the Android-Market

As you know, you can offer your PluginLayouts through the PluginLayoutList. But you can also offer your PluginLayouts through the Android Market - so you can make them cost money if you wish.

The Process

The process of publishing your PluginLayouts via the Android Market is a little harder but still very similar to the one with the PluginLayoutList.

  1. Register a PluginLayout-UID.
  2. Download the PluginLayout-Eclipse-Template and import it to your Eclipse Workspace.
  3. Create a PluginLayout with the PluginLayoutBuilder.
  4. Publish it via your Android-Market-Account.


This video demonstrates the process of building a simple Mouse-Shaker-PluginLayout using the AndRemote PluginLayoutBuilder and then upload it to the PluginLayoutList or to the Android Market.

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